Reduce Turnover with Employee Training

Most of us have heard that employee training increases retention. In 2018, the LinkedIN Workplace Learning Report discovered:

“94% of employees surveyed said they would stay in a role longer if their employer invested in their career. Then again, these same employees believed that they didn’t have the time to learn new skills, or pursue additional training to hone the ones they had putting the onus squarely on employers to make learning a priority. “

Entrepreneur recently published an article, How to Boost Employee Retention with Lifelong Learning, that includes 5 tips for encouraging a work culture of continued education. Sometimes we focus on job specific skills, but we also need to training employees on soft skills like leadership, team work and critical thinking. This creates a more well-rounded team to help companies adapt to changes within their industry.

  1. Make learning the goal: We establish goals for finance, sales, etc., so why not learning? Goals help motivate people to accomplish desired results. Develop learning paths by job roles to promote an environment of lifelong learning.

  2. Coax them into the classroom: Learning outside the work environment is needed to help employees grow personally. Inspire employees to obtaining training by reimbursing them for educational expenses. Remember, this is cheaper than turnover.

  3. Design learning initiatives with workflow in mind: Technology is great when people take the time to use it. Many companies have a learning management system (LMS) to facilitate training, but it is not used. Be creative and identify ways to incorporate education into workflows. This helps promote your lifelong learners environment.

  4. Reach across departments: It is easy to focus on your team and forget about the rest of the company. Breakdown work silos by scheduling lunch-and-learn sessions with employees from different departments. One benefit of a LMS is employees can create groups to collaborate on work and personal matters.

  5. Give your learns a gold star: The need to feel appreciated is a basic human principle. Take the time to congratulation and recognize employees for their educational achievements. Integrate gamification into education and other goal related tasks to motivate employees.

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