Protect Your Business with IT Security Partner

There are some things you should not do yourself. IT Security is one of those things. Lucky for you, btg is an IT security expert. However, this is a team effort that requires participation from all parties involved. Many employees do not consider themselves a part of the IT security problem, but that is untrue. One click of a link from their personal email can lock-down your network and data with ransomware. Here are some preventative measures we can help you with.

  1. Education. This is the best defense against cyber criminals. Hackers are constantly developing new schemes to try and steal information so it is important to implement a company culture of IT security. We offer training for your employees so they can understand IT security and why it is important.

  2. Monitoring. It is better to be proactive rather than reactive. We have tools in place to monitor your network as well as your end-user computers. In addition, intrusion detection can help us identify and resolve any vulnerabilities. Typically, we receive alerts before you even notice the issue.

  3. Hardware. A firewall is another keep aspect of having a good defense. This allows us to close unused ports that hackers use to try and gain access into your network. Many of the data breaches in the new are caused by improperly configured systems. We can help you avoid those costly mistakes.

  4. Maintenance. It is vital to keep software up to date. Software companies regularly release security updates as new vulnerabilities are found. We have tools in place that have automated this process so you do not have to worry about it.

  5. Policies. Documenting and implementing processes also help avoid IT security issues. Companies should have acceptable use, data retention, and hardware lifecycle policies to name a few. If there is an IT security incident policies can be very helpful.

btg is here to partner with you to combat IT security issues. We offer solutions for all your IT Support Services needs. Contact us today,